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Meet the team


Daniel Yeadon,

Membership Consultant &


Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, CrossFit L1 Trainer, OPEX Level 1 Associate Coach

Dan started at Steel Beach Gym in 2011 as an intern training to be a fitness specialist.  He worked with numerous adults on improving their nutrition and weight through personal and group training.  He's taken his knowledge on training and applied it to his current role as a Membership Coordinator for Steel Beach Gym.  Here, he works with individuals on getting them started at the gym and providing the best options.

His experience includes as BS. in Applied Health Fitness from Plymouth State University, three years of work in Physical Therapy, as well as being in the fitness industry since 2011.  

What is your favorite thing about Steel Beach Gym?

It's mingling it up on the floor and smiling with all the members that come 

and meeting new people that walk in the door and seeing them get fired up about starting

Dan is available for one on one adult personal training.  Dan is also a coach in our adult group personal training program at Steel Beach Gym.


justin lawrencE, Coach

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Reiki L 1 & 2

Justin is a graduate of Western Connecticut with a Bachelors in science focused on health promotion and exercise science.

"In my career as a trainer, I have been granted many opportunities to work with individuals of all age groups.  My experience has made me adaptable to all different body types and walks of life.  My unique experience allows me to really tap into what will guarantee success to achieve goals.  With my experience as a Youth Development Instructor for Physical Development, I learned to educate early childhood ages in the importance of physical fitness.  In addition, my many years as a fitness instructor working with seniors has given me insight in the importance of physical fitness and how everyone should strive to be active their entire life.  I look forward to the opportunity to help in any way as your trainer at Steel Beach Gym."

What is your favorite thing about Steel Beach Gym?:

The friendly staff!

Justin is available for one on one personal training.  Justin is also a coach in our adult group personal training program.  Additionally, Justin teaches the Wednesday morning Active Aging- Senior Fitness Class as well as a children's fitness class on Monday & Wednesday mornings.


Tegan McBride,

Growing up, Tegan engaged in several sports including volleyball, basketball, rowing, and cross country. After rowing for the Washington College Division III Women’s Crew for two years and attending the 2019 NCAA’s Championship, Tegan found her passion for weight lifting. Because of this, she studied to become a Personal Trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. While obtaining her Bachelors Degree from Washington College, she worked at The Village Gym in Delaware and the Aquafit Fitness Center in Maryland where she specialized in adult and functional fitness. After moving back to Connecticut, Tegan joined the Steel Beach family where she trains clients one-on-one and in small groups. Get to know some of her fun facts here!


~Tegan has traveled to several countries including Rwanda and Malta

~She has two cats that she will talk about all day if you let her

~Tegan has her motorcycle license and has owned two motorcycles

~She has gone scuba-diving and now plans on sky-diving with her 80-year old grandma


Tegan looks forward to meeting all the members and sharing her passion for fitness.


Jamie kingsley,

General Manager

Hobbies/ Interests:


the mountains, the ocean, my friends & family, live music, baseball, hockey and the gym.  

Favorite Food:



What is the last song that you listened to?:


"Angela" - the Lumineers

Something about me that you may not know:

I have worked at Steel Beach Gym for over 20 years!  I am a mother of 2. 

I love power lifting and the sound of a blues guitar.

If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I would love to bring my children to Europe when they are older to visit parts of Italy and to see my mother's village in Portugal.  The art, history, beauty, cuisine and personal heritage are all reasons that I would love to visit once again with my children.

If I were at the airport right now, I would hop on a flight out west and visit Yellowstone National Park with my family.  

What is your favorite thing about Steel Beach Gym?

1. The energy. 

Every day I am fortunate enough to walk into work to be greeted by the most wonderful members, many whom I've known since I was 16 years old when I first started working here!  My colleagues are the best of the best people.  I have had such a great opportunity to work with so many good people and knowledgeable professionals over the years.  Our staff is truly a team and a little family.  We support each other and encourage each other both personally, professionally and in the gym.  We work daily to create that same atmosphere in our gym community with the members.  The sense of camaraderie at Steel Beach Gym is real. 


2. The size of the gym and how much we offer for our members.


With 3 floors of space we have been able to dedicate entire floors of space for functional movement, cardio and weight lifting.   I think it's wonderful to have access to our 5,000 square foot ground floor for functional movement and power lifting and Olympic lifting.  We also have a whole floor dedicated to cardio with over 70 pieces of cardio equipment.  In addition, our main weight room is the heart of the gym.  I love the energy on that floor and interacting with members during their lifts.  We also have a women's only center and a private yoga & pilates studio along with access to our group exercise room.  The gym is massive!  It's never crowded and there is so much to get involved in.  We offer kids programs, athletic development training, group exercise and dance classes, boxing and self defense, personal training, program writing, we have a barbell club where members can power lift and Olympic lift with the guidance of a coach, massage therapy, tanning, spray tanning and more and more everyday.