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Why Join? 

Video tour of Steel Beach Fitness Oakville CT
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With over 35,000 square feet we have the largest selection of places and types of workouts meant to give you the best environment for your needs. Quiet corners, busy main rooms, you choose.

While the building has a long history of manufacturing, its now time to re-build your body and mind in the comfort of this large but well equipped space.

Whether your goal is to change your body composition by reducing body fat and building lean mass, learning to power lift, body building, adding 10 lbs to your bench press, learn the basics of lifting, or just stay in shape... We have the programs to help you achieve your fitness goals.


A strength based program designed to teach you proper form and progress you to reduce body fat while building lean mass. 


Over 20 appointment offerings per week included with the prices of the Steel Beach Gym VIP ALL ACCESS membership.

All Steel Beach Gym members receive a 2 week FREE trial of this program! 

Start your FREE trial at the front desk today or call, 860-945-9226



One on One Training

Personal training sessions with a coach who will personalize a training plan for your specific goals.

Program Writing

A monthly program personally designed by one of our coaches specific to your individual goals.  

Receive your weekly workout plans from your coach to do at your convenience.

Buddy Training

Private sessions for you and one friends with a coach.

All of our programs include a FREE initial consultation with a coach, measured results and nutritional counseling. 


Schedule your FREE consultation at the front desk today or call, 860-945-9226


Caveman Cryotherapy

Cry Sauna (-293 degrees)

Whole body cold exposure therapy

leg/arm/hip compression therapy




Instagram @cavemancryotherapy



Steel Beach Gym offers a private Yoga Studio with class offerings 7 days per week!  

Classes are beginner friendly.  

Please view our class schedule to find out specific dates and times.

Unlimited Yoga is included with a membership!


Steel Beach Gym has dedicated our entire 5,000 square foot first floor to open space for functional movement.

Push sleds and flip tires on our open turf area.  Use battle ropes, rings, climb the rope, and dead lift or Olympic lift on our Olympic platform.  

Enjoy the use of our boxing area equipped with heavy bags and speed bags.